Sleep Pile: Australia’s underground arts, style and culture.

The Sleep Pile founders

Despite its love for an all carb/video game diet, the Sleep Pile team delivers high quality features, interviews and on location shoots from around the world.

Beginning in 2015 as the product of three siblings, who are way too invested in their collective couch groove, Sleep Pile has since grown to involve many creatives with the same lust for counter-culture.

Base Sydney, Australia

Founders Fevzi Musa, Blaze Edwards and Zane Edwards

Testimonial, The Plus Ones
“The Plus Ones are thrilled to be working with the the Sleep Pile team. They offer an unparalleled smorgasbord of quirk, uniqueness, and originality in their content and creative – much apropos of the scene. Sleep Pile have got their finger on the the pulse of all things arts, culture, and fashion in Sydney-town; curating and showcasing it with stellar quality.”

Ace Mamun Director, The Plus Ones

Testimonial, The Ladies Network
“The Ladies Network believe Sleep Pile offer a unique and progressive voice across the creative industries through their website, and have the potential to further contribute positively to Sydney arts and culture.”

Arabella Peterson Editor, The Ladies Network