Sleep Pile caught up with Bad Pony front men Jarred and Sam to discuss the three-year transition from being “two dudes sitting in a dank basement recording indie pop tunes” to becoming a multi-award winning five-piece outfit. We talked relationships, feminism, their tricks to performing indie pop bangers, and what we can expect to see and hear in 2017… 

Let’s talk about your most recent single Bottles. You guys have said that it was about a “toxic alcoholic relationship,” can you tell us more about the cycle of dependency and regret that is explored throughout the track’s lyrics?

Sam: It all started with realising that being involved with music and stuff meant lots of late nights and kind of drinking after gigs, and me having a relationship within that. Basically that led to these highs of passion and excitement and thinking that music was the best thing ever and then these extreme lows where we would fight and be screaming at each other. With the lyrics I went through that experience and then Jarred kind of took that and went in his own direction with it, which made the meaning broader than just that story.

Jarred: Yeah, and I think we spend so much time together (like right now), and I saw Sam go through that relationship and what it did to him. I felt like I could write about it, and it was nice to write about something, or someone else other than me for once.

The video-clip for Bottles has a distinct Bonnie and Clyde feel to it. Can you tell us more about the choice to portray the song’s narrative though the relationship of a female couple instead of the heterosexual relationship the song was written about?

Jarred: That was sort of the point. The whole Bonnie and Clyde thing inspired the storyline, so that was literally our premise. And we wanted to have a same-sex couple because why the fuck not.

Sam: And the meaning behind the track is about the whole concept of alcohol and music and all the things that go with that. Its not just about my relationship, its about all relationships that are influenced by that world.

You guys released your debut EP Limbo in 2015, followed up by your Sideways tour and the release of Bottles last year. Can fans expect an LP from Bad Pony sometime in the near future?

Jarred: We haven’t stopped since we released Limbo really. Like released that, then Zombie, then Sideways, and then Bottles. And they all had tours. We haven’t had a lot of down time to write and record, so we’ve sort of set aside the front half of this year to do just that and… things that we can’t tell you about yet. But we still have a fair bit of material in the bank. So there will be stuff coming.

Do guys have any quirky pre-performance rituals or jam session habits we might like to know about?

Jarred: We used to cuddle a bit, but that’s kind of less now…

Sam: Back in the day we used to dance a bit before getting on stage just to loosen up. I still like to get my body moving before just so I don’t freeze on stage.

Jarred: I like to steam my vocals. That’s a thing. It’s the only thing you can do actually, it’s amazing. It totally works. I’ve got this thing now where it’s like a tube and a surgical mask, so all you need is a kettle. It’s very refreshing.

Sam: You look like an idiot.

Jarred: I look like probably less of an idiot than I did before, doing it with a towel and a bowl.

As for 2017?

Sam: I think the biggest thing we can say is that we will have a single out, reasonably soon.