Cloves is that kind of multi-talented singer that makes you wish you’d at least tried out for your high school’s glee club auditions.

Possessing a hauntingly beautiful voice, the young singer hails from Melbourne where she started off her music career. She’s since had her music featured in feature film ‘Me Before You’, toured through the U.K. and America and released a debut album, including the track ‘Better Now’.

About, “feeling misunderstood and claustrophobic in a relationship” (awkwardly relatable, non?) Cloves swears that Better Now is written almost sarcastically to move the conversation on.

Tell me about the inspiration behind ‘Better Now’ – your new single.

Better Now was inspired by that feeling just before a break up when you’re conflicted between a feeling of obligation to someone and the desire to be alone.

Why do you find relationships such a rich source of song ideas when it comes to your music?

I think I just find the relationships interesting. How the dynamic between to people works or doesn’t work.

You have toured with a lot of different artists – SOAK, James Bay, and currently Michael Kiwanuka to name a few. After these stints with other artists, do you often find your music style changing?

No, while it’s great to tour with artists I would say I draw my musical inspiration from other places.

Who would you like to collaborate with in terms of songwriting and performing?

I would love to do a collaboration with Brittany Howard from the Alabama shakes. I think she’s amazing!

What was the experience like performing at big American festivals like Coachella and Lollapolooza?

It was incredibly nerve wracking but also very for filling.

For you, what is the appeal of the paired down music aesthetic that you’re known for?

The EP was very stripped back but the album has progressed sonically since. It’s blunter, harsher and more intricate.

Are you exploring a new style of music now?

I think my music has taken a natural progression from the EP. I still draw from the same musical inspirations I’ve always had but with the luxury of time in the studio to experiment.

You’ve travelled in the UK, US and Australia on tour. How would you compare the music scenes between these countries? *

I think music is so accessible now that what you can listen to isn’t dictated by where you’re from. The listeners have complete control to broaden their horizons and discover new music for themselves.