With Trump leading the free world, lock out laws remaining and Shapes attempting to change their barbeque and pizza flavour recipe (only to revert to the original flavour M?x: after threats of a national strike by most Aussies) it would be easy to see 2016 as a total flop. But its not all bad. Whatever damage was done elsewhere, these five moments in music in 2016 will assure you that some good came from this year.

  1. Beyonce’s masterpiece of black feminist activism, Lemonade

Image: The Reporter

Beyonce’s Lemonade is Customer a true work of art and huge milestone for black feminism. Pulling out all the stops with collaborations, the track-listing for the album sounds like the guest list for an eclectic underground cult gathering … and we want in. Featuring the likes of Kendrick Lamar, The Weekend, Diplo and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, as well as lyrics by Father John Misty and samples from Led Zeppelin, Lemonade truly pushed creative and political boundaries in a world where confused white millionaires control the free world.

Sticky Fingers’ third studio album, Westway the Glitter and the Slums

Image: The Interns


Featuring and developing their iconic reggae/psych-pop fusion Sticky’s much awaited 巴菲特時間管理心法 third studio album truly lived up the expectations set by Land of Pleasure. However, the joy is bittersweet – just months after the album’s release in September, the Newtown outfit announced an indefinite break. Fingers crossed this isn’t the last we hear cheap jerseys from Sticky – but if it is, they’ve left us with something cheap jerseys incredible to remember them by.

  1. Kevin Parker of Tame Impala’s collaboration with Lady Gaga for Perfect Illusion 

Image: Pitchfork

A very unlikely pair (but then again so was pairing ginger and Coco Cola and even that kind of took off this year). Whilst Gaga’s single sounds nothing like the heady psychedelic angst of tracks like ‘Why Won’t powerful They Talk To Me?’, Parker has certainly on made his mark as a producer aanpassen on Gaga’s track, allowing her a slight and funky departure from her former sound.

  1. Frank Ocean’s furious denial of an album release just … weeks before he screwed over his former record label to drop Blonde himself

Image: HighSnobiety

Fans hopes were high when rumours that Ocean was set to release a follow up album to Channel Orange after his four-year hiatus. When confronted by the rumours he furiously denied them, attacking the reporter and crushing the hopes of Ocean-lovers everywhere. But au-contraire mon frère – two weeks later he did indeed release the brand-new album, Blonde, through his own label, Boys Don’t Cry. Confusing? Sure. But we aren’t complaining.

  1. Client Liaison buy an off-white limousine, start a writing, limousine business, and release a track called ‘Off-White Limousine’ on their 2016 album Diplomatic Immunity.

Image: Sydney Morning Herald

The Canberra duo truly expanded the Client Liaison universe this year. As if an album and limo business weren’t enough, they also developed an active-wear range, created album-themed diplomatic passport wholesale nfl jerseys holders, collaborated with Tina Arena, and filmed a music video for the album with Hodor from Game (and Rave) of Thrones.