Like a sack of goon in your late teens, feminism was once the best idea that anyone had ever had. It was potent and tasted like freedom; and rapidly shared among new friends while swinging from a Hills Hoist. At least, this was the situation I found myself in as I avoided yet another equal pay conversation at a uni party last night.
As most mainstream media (or poor choices in college) do, feminism got old. The almighty Fruity Lexia had to stop being the community favorite at some point. Yes, like the facts of feminism, we know all the flavours~ and as much as we’re fans, we’re bored.
So what do we do now that we’ve heard it all, read it all and the mention of glass ceilings makes your insides weep? In her November 2015 essay in Lenny Letter (yep this is still relevant and proves the whole point), Jennifer Lawrence mentioned its trend-like feel and how that has put her off speaking on the issue before. Bradley Cooper responded to J-Law, announcing that he will be transparent and open with his wage earnings to ensure fairness.
It’s true, even J-Law finds the issue so saturated by the media that she’s done with the conversation. What now then? One option could be to acknowledge and celebrate!
Of course the fight is not over, equality is still a struggle and there’s work to do, but we can all embrace this boredom because this trend means that equality is being discussed and thus, in more ways, achieved.
We’ve read that many articles and seen so many headlines that we can’t use ignorance to excuse discrimination any more. And that’s pretty incredible. It doesn’t seem out of reason that, soon, even former misogynists will have been so bombarded that they can quote Simone de Beauvoir backwards.
So we are tired of discussing third-wave relevance, but how great is it that we are discussing it in the first place? I’ll raise my sack of goon to that.