We caught Kyary Pamyu Pamyu– aka Japan’s biggest pop star– right before her music tour in Australia to discuss her fascination with the grotesque, the contrast of Japan and the west and what makes her nervous. Aka, we fangirled for 45 minutes.

Sleep Pile is a huge fan of KPP and saw you last time you were in Australia! What is your favourite Australian experience so far?

I want to try holding a koala. The last time I went to Sydney, I went to a zoo, and I found this koala sleeping! So cute!

Alternatively, what is your favourite thing to do or see in Japan?

I like eating Japanese food, especially Ramen.

You are a cultural phenomenon, setting standards and trends around the world. Where do you draw inspiration for your style and confidence?

I don’t really find myself getting inspired. All I can say is that I don’t want to do what other people do.

What inspires your music? 

All of my music is written by Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE), and I have always been a huge fan of his. He writes music based on the things we’ve chatted about earlier, or things I am interested in, that’s how he gets inspiration for the songs he writes for me.

If you had one last day on Earth, what would you do?

I would eat so much, all the delicious food.

Your music videos have had all kinds of artistic influence and make bold statements. People comment on certain things, like the symbolism of eyes and the veiling of your backup dancers, what do these symbols mean to you?

I decide the theme of a video once the music is done. The first thing that comes to mind when making videos is, ‘what can we do to make this video fun?’ A little bit of grotesque is fun I think, for instance I feature eye-balls. Also, what abnormality can be brought to the video is another focus. It helps if my dancers don’t show their faces, to show a hint of unreality.

 What’s your all-time favourite outfit/look?

Puff-sleeves and balloon skirts are my all-time favourite, plus double-soled shoes. My favourite hasn’t changed since my debut.

Photo: Instagram.com/kyarykyary0129/

KPP BEST ARRIVED at the end of May, will this be the only music for a while?

I hope not! There will be something, so wait for it!

Who have you met that has truly made you nervous?

I would say that has to be some Japanese artists and comedians whom I watched on TV. To name a few, SMAP (Japanese boy-band turned actors) and Down Town, the comedy duo. They made me so nervous!

What do you believe is the key to longevity in a career like yours?

I don’t do what I do to stay in the business. It’s not my focus. My focus is to do what I want to do, express what I believe in, and to have fun. That’s about it.