Contrasting an over-sized concertina collar with a finely-tailored suit. A translucent shift dress with feathered shoulder guards and leather nipple covers. The designs of emerging, Sydney-based fashion designer Olivia Johnston have cheap jerseys online us hooked.

Johnston’s new label, Møx, has just wrapped at the Fashion Design Studio Graduate Runway Presentation. Her wholesale mlb jerseys collection offers us intimidating, but alluring, silhouettes, occupying a space between the covered and uncovered; the vulnerable and sinister. In a recent interview, Sleep Pile took a dive into the creative process behind these designs:

AI: You have quite the provocative look book on the Møx Label Instagram. Who or what has influenced this style of design?

OJ: My initial inspiration was a quirky one, I have always had a love for criminology and wanted to mix the two worlds of fashion and crime quite literally. To extend this further, my influence was almost entirely based on real-life serial killers. Each look wholesale nba jerseys has a personality and has been designed and portrayed to fit that character’s profile – whilst also remaining completely wearable and beautiful.

AI: I love the idea that each garment holds its own character! Do you have a favourite look from this collection?

OJ: I have two favourite looks from my collection, as featured here. The collection’s story is a combination of inspiration and intention. I wanted to communicate my aesthetic in a striking way, in part through the creation of this connection between two different worlds (criminology and fashion). Using texture, proportion and colour was British another way I sought to achieve this effect.

Image: By Designer

The one on the right is based on Jeffrey Dahmer; a slim line, extremely tailored dandy pinstripe suit, which plays with proportion and length to extend and flatter the male silhouette.

The look on the left is my “Angel of Death“, who was known as Kristen Gilbert, a completely sheer dress with external Trials feather shoulder piece.

AI: The highly-textured materials you’ve used make these garments particularly arresting; how did their scale and layering play out in the creative process?

OJ: I chose to create blogs a highly textured collection as I wanted to keep the colour palette predominantly black. For some looks the texture and innovation is all in the detail, whereas others are obviously more loud. My leather clown collar was one of my stand-out pieces: an exaggerated and dark play on a children’s costume mixed with tailored linen shirt and pant.

Image: By designer

AI: Black is the chromatic anchor of your designs – both seductive and solemn at the same time. It’s like what the fashion designer, Ann Demeulemeester, said: Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.”

OJ: Not only am I drawn to black always when dressing myself, but if you were to choose a and color to represent horror films, hauntings, and fear – in my opinion – they would all be black. I feel cock as though the color black really told the story of my collection and communicated its overall aesthetic.

AI: If you could have chosen anywhere in the world (or in your imagination), where would you have set the Møx collection runway?

OJ: The atmosphere is completely vital in my opinion; I find the delivery of a collection very important. If I were to have the Møx runway anywhere in the world, it would have to be in Paris, in an old heritage sandstone building cheap nba jerseys screaming with character!