Melbourne based band Flyying Colours are fast becoming a part of the talented Australian music export set. Their psychedelic pop and shoegaze tracks, who have fabulous names such as ‘Wavygravy’, have been played across Australia, as well as Europe, the UK and China. Sleep Pile caught up with the band to talk their debut album, Mindfullness (and no – it’s not an accidental spelling mistake).

Could you please explain the logic of naming your album Mindfullness (as well as the deliberate spelling mistake 😉 )?

The literal (incorrect) spelling was just a reflection of where we were all at by the time we came to record the album. Our minds (and hearts) were full! We had so many ideas!

You shift through intensities quite fast in your acts – your songs have a real range when it comes to feeling. Is performing sometimes quite an emotional experience?

Different shows always carry differing emotional weights, and it’s dependent on a wide range of external factors. As for onstage, we have definitely all been guilty of being taken somewhere by a song, physically and emotionally.

How do you feel about being defined as being in the ‘shoe-gazing’ genre? 

We quite like it. If we have to be labeled, that seems as good as any.

Image: @flyyingcolours

Do you recognise any influences on you that led to this specific psych/shoe-gazing sound? 

Brodie listened to a lot of Nirvana and Sonic Youth as a kid, I loved Radiohead and Pulp. We both love Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, BJM… I’d say we all have extremely eclectic tastes in music. When we play together, well that’s just where our sound landed I guess.

Do you feel like you are shifting genres as you grow as a band? 

Certainly not intentionally if we are, though none of us are adverse to change. We’re all very open minded.

Ideal gig? (e.g. on a mountain in the Himalayas with 50 or so in the audience – odd example I know) 

Any kind of small space with a decent PA system – the grungier the better. We like it close, sweaty, loud, grimy and smelling like beer.

Image: @Flyying Colours @Jules Valentine

What’s up next for Flyying Colours?

A few local shows early in the year, then Laneway Festival in February! We will jump straight back in the studio after that, before heading overseas again in May!

Flyying Colours will be performing at the Laneway Festival. Get your trippy-ass tickets here.