My sister’s favourite late-night hobby is to fall into Wiki-hole, reading up about serial killers. And let’s be honest, we’ve all fallen into one hole or another where the internet is concerned. There are probably tonnes of healthy internet related things to do when thinking is just too hard, but this list isn’t about that. Enjoy.

Bin Lid Stands (86,058 Facebook likes)

This one is a real heart-warmer; a true Australian community page. Like the Olympics, its aim is to bring members of the world (bin) community together in the spirit of international friendship. Yes, there will ultimately be winners and losers, (check out this solid double lid stand!) but by taking part, aren’t we all winners? This baby earned a score of 3.8/5 with a “slight deduction for unequal distance from curb but … a solid stand”. Here at Sleep Pile, we award it 5/5 for community spirit.


The Same Picture of Steve Buschemi Every Day (92,620 Facebook likes)

 A classic concept that will never (ever ever) get old. Here, we have a picture of highly esteemed actor, Steve Buschemi repeatedly posted (you guessed it) every day. Maybe it will change, in the future. Maybe it won’t. Keep checking; just to be sure.

ClickHole (639,854 Facebook likes)

This page is a true metaphor for the film, Inception. ClickHole makes fun of pages such as Buzzfeed, yet still sends you into a clicking frenzy. Not making much sense? Well read articles like, 12 Ski-Instructors we dressed up as doctors for this list, or Watch This Incredible Compilation Of People With A Band-Aid On Their Hand Going In For A Handshake. It will change you.

Des Hommes et des Chatons (62, 865 Facebook likes)

Des Hommes et de Chatons is an indulgent little French group. It is for all you connoisseurs of fine things; such as darned good-looking men with their clothes off, and kittens. Basically they match the kitten with the model and it’s either hilarious or sexy-cute. So prepare for many mixed arousal.

Garlic Bread Memes (93, 886 Facebook likes)

Sometimes, when you’re trying to distract yourself from actual problem, it is better to focus on the connection you have to others. That you’re not alone. This is why garlic Bread Memes is so damn good. It reminds you that garlic bread is AMAZING that other people know it’s AMAZING and you should all meet up and look at witty memes and comments about how AMAZING garlic bread truly is.