January 21st saw women around the world take to their streets in solidarity with the Women’s March, beginning in Washington DC. Spurred on by the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States, they declared that women’s rights are human rights. It was the images of empowerment created and shared by these people –  first on social media and then on pickets and posters – that made their protest resonate as a critical, international movement.

Fifty seven countries around the world organised their own sister rallies, with grassroots artworks anchoring the widespread feelings of resistance and hope. Below are the cream of the poster crop. Often sassy, always spirited, these artworks are visually striking and searing in their defence of diversity. To kick off, the first images we’ve included are from the artist Shepard Fairey – famous for his iconic 2008 representation of Barack Obama in red and blue – who has brought back the full force of his aesthetic with American Civics.

Image: Shepard Fairey @obeygiant
Image: @crochetbutter
Image: @lisa.anne.ryan Lisa Ryan
Image: @mmmtogo Monica M Martino
Image: @paperjampress Arianna Orland
Image: @therealmissmandymac Amanda MacDonald
Image: @drawnbymary
Image: @eatherbrains Erin Rivera
Image: @heartmanclothes
Image: @lholtsnider Lucy Holtsnider
Image: @cosmicmoonrise Amelie Laurice